Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial and Residential Security Information

At Byte Network Security we have a wealth of experience in the security industry. Here are some of our most commonly encountered questions.

General questions

At Byte Network Security we offer security monitoring services for virtually any type of business. From restaurants, to warehouses, to office buildings; Byte Network Security is here to help!
We secure homes of all shapes and sizes. Our years of experience allow us to determine to best way to protect your family based on the unique layout of your property. Furthermore, our security systems are designed to cover the frequently targeted items in your household.
At Byte Network Security we offer a full selection of security products and services for homes and businesses. For more information regarding the specifics of our security services, visit our security services page

Access Control Systems - FAQ

Our access control systems provide security that traditional metal lock and keys simply can not match. Access control systems provide benefits such as:

  • Eliminate the risk of employees duplicating keys to the office.
  • Control the access of the employees to certain parts of the office.
  • Provide much higher resistance to burglars and other unwanted guests.

Security Cameras - FAQ

Our security cameras stream in full 1080p high definition to provide a crystal clear view over your home or business. We believe using cutting-edge technology in our security cameras allows us to provide a higher level of security and peace of mind to our clients.

Panic Pendants - FAQ

Our panic pendants have a wide number of applications, but are especially useful in situations where you need to remotely request help without acces to a phone.

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