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Cutting Edge Security Systems for Homes and Businesses

Whether you are in need of 1080p high definition security cameras, or advanced motion detector systems; our security professionals can help! You never know who’s watching; stay prepared with our premium quality security systems.

Access Control Systems -

Access control systems utilize a host computer to create entry permission schedules for all the doors in the office. This allows administrators to have full control over all the entry points that would otherwise be not possible with the use of traditional keys. Our system will also maintain an entry and exit log for all access cards to monitor employee movement.

High Definition Security Cameras -

Security cameras act as both a deterrent and an extra set of eyes for home and business owners. It increases employee productivity and prevents crime from occurring within the premises. At Byte Network Security, we carry a wide range of commercial grade, full 1080p cameras for different applications. Our systems allows home and business owners to view their cameras remotely around the world, provide ease of mind when away.

We are proud to be the only security company that backs their equipment with a 5 year warranty.

Build Quality Video Quality Image Enhancing Software
Byte Network Security Cameras Full Metal True 1080p with Infrared Digital Wide Dynamic Range, Digital Noise Reduction, and Back Light Compensation
Residential Grade Cameras Plastic 720p no Infrared None

Commercial Alarm Systems -

Byte Network Security offers a customized security system based on the specific security requirements of your commercial property. We service commercial properties such as restaurants, warehouses, offices, stores, and custom commercial properties.

Residential Alarm Systems -

Each of our residential security systems are installed by trained and experienced professionals, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your home has been left in good hands.

Home Automation -

Home automation is the use of computers to control basic home functions automatically and remotely. It utilizes a proprietary frequency that is dedicated for only alarm systems and home automation.

Having a dedicated frequency prevents interference from Wi-Fi signals, wireless home phones, and other devices as simple as a television remote. It creates a network that is more difficult to hack, thus maintaining the security of your home while utilizing the latest wireless technology available to the public to date.

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